Wills, Trusts, Executries

We cannot under emphasise the importance of leaving a Will. When the time comes, if can make such a difference to those left behind. If there is no Will, then this can lead to additional stress and further unecessary burdens on those left behind. It also makes the winding up of your estate more expensive and can lead to additional time and delay in your estate being released to those that need it.

You should give consideration as to whether you exising Will still meets your needs at least once every five years. We also subscribe to the Will Aid scheme every November and the Highland Hospice Make A Will appeal every May. Therefore, during those months, instead of paying us to prepare your Will, we ask instead that you donate our fee to those charities.

In addition to Wills, we offer the following services:-

  • We can prepare Powers of Attorney granting your Attorney to carry out functions that you might not be able to undertake yourself in the future.
  • We can assist you in obtaining a Guardianship Order. If you are unable to obtain Power of Attorney then you may require to apply to the courts.
  • We can assist you in preparing Trust Deeds in order to assist in tax planning.

At Ferguson MacSween & Stewart we have consider experience in preparing Wills, dealing with Executries and considering the tax implications of your estates.  Therefore, if we are of the view that a Trust would be  suitable, we can guide you through that process likewise.