Crofting Law

Crofting is a unique method of land tenure in which the land is burdened by the crofting legislation. Crofting legislation is complex and fraught with technicalities and our solicitors are here to guide you through the issues. All of our solicitors were brought up on working crofts and understand not only the legal issues surrounding croft land but also the importance of crofts and crofting to the communities and people of Skye, Lochalsh and the Highlands not only through history but also the economic realities of crofting.

With the introduction of the new Crofting Reform (Scotland) Act 2010, crofting has gone through some major changes as never seen before. To a degree, the Crofters Commission has been taken away from the crofters and replaced with the Crofting Commission, who will undertake a much more regulatory approach. We can therefore deal with all of your Crofting Commission applications for you thereby relieving you of some of the more beaucratic aspects of being a crofter.

We can help you with the following and more:-

  • Owner occupied croft purchase and sales.
  • Croft Tenancy Assignations and sub-lets/Assignations/croft succession.
  • Applications to the Scottish Land Court.
  • Applications for decrofting or division of owner occupied crofts prior to sale of part (e.g. plots on owner occupied crofts).
  • Applications to the new Crofting Register.

Due to further changes within local authority funding for care homes, it is important that you sort out the succession to your croft before it is too late. In future, it is expected that local authorities will be able for the first time to make a claim on your croft in the event you do not have funds to meet your care home costs and therefore, there is a risk that the croft which might have been in your family for generations may be lost. We would strongly recommend that you speak to one of our solicitors regarding this if you have concerns.